Holiday Marketing for Small Brick and Mortar Businesses


The holiday season can be a blur of personal and professional tasks. Busy small business owners who are disorganized in their marketing can suffer severe consequences. It's best to start out with a plan in place, so you have a concrete direction and task list moving forward. You don't want to get lost in the chaos of the winter months, and be unprepared for making difficult decisions with your marketing budget. When you have a clear and concise, step-by-step blueprint for reaching your goals, you can take it one day at a time, and still achieve the results you were looking for. At iBoost, we help businesses of all sizes grow their online reach by implementing the latest SEO and digital marketing techniques. We want to help you have a successful holiday season, and help you to create lasting customer relationships that continue paying rewards well into the new year. Here are a few tips to help you launch your holiday marketing campaigns and reach your goals this winter. 

Start a Holiday Pay Per Click Campaign

People spend a lot of time online, and people are more likely than ever before to make major holiday purchases from a website. If you sell products or services online, take advantage of the tremendous marketing opportunities available. While you should also have an SEO strategy in place for organic reach, launching a handful of well thought out seasonal PPC ads can bring in a lot of extra traffic. 

Use Your Email List for Increased Sales 

During the month of November and December, consumers are searching around for the best deals. If you have built a strong email list, then now is the time to send out coupon codes and deals exclusive to your community. Not only can this bring an increase in sales, but if you advertise this exclusive bonus on your website and social media channels, you can get an influx of new subscribers, which will translate into sales throughout the rest of the year. 

Utilize Video Content and Publish on Social Media

People are generally swamped during the holidays. Multitaskers like having audio visual methods of taking in information this time of year. Watching videos is a great way for people to take care of the to do list without having to sit down and read a long blog post. While you should still consistently publish written content throughout the winter months for SEO purposes, take your blog to the next level and create short, valuable videos that can help garner more interest in your brand and your seasonal offerings. 

Frame Your Products and Services as Gifts 

Customers are mostly spending for others during the holidays. That means to maximize your conversion rate, you may need to get creative in the way you frame your advertisements. Make sure you explain how your products and services will benefit their loved ones. As a bonus, when your offerings are presented as a gift, you gain two loyal customers, who will be more likely to make purchases in the future. 

Take Notes for Next Year

Along the way, make sure you keep a detailed account of your failures and successes so it's easier to make a great plan next holiday season. Use analytics software and keep track of the tools available through your social media platform to record what worked and what didn't. 

Are You Ready to Increase Sales This Holiday Season? Contact the Experts at iBoost Today

Is it time for you to raise the bar for your holiday marketing? Call the SEO and digital marketing professionals at iBoost. We will work one on one to customize the best path for your small business to maximize your advertising budget and get the best results from your campaigns during the holidays and beyond. 

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