Google Disabled Search Console Request Indexing


Google Disabled Search Console Request Indexing

Google Search Central recently announced on social media that they have “disabled the ‘Request Indexing’ feature of the URL Inspection Tool, in order to make some infrastructure changes. We expect it will return in the coming weeks.” While search console request indexing was not a feature that many businesses and website owners knew about, SEO specialists often utilized this method to “push” new URLs to be indexed by Google more quickly. At iBoost, we provide premium web design, digital marketing and search engine optimization services for companies of all sizes, throughout the US. Our team of dedicated professionals strive to stay informed about the latest developments to popular search engines and we want to help our customers stay aware of new changes. Here is some more information about Googles decision to disable this feature and how it is affecting the industry. 

Why Did Google Make This Decision? 

Many people were complaining about indexing bugs and related issues. For this reason, Google has chosen to move forward with some infrastructure changes. While the end result will likely offer a relief from some common indexing problems, this move forced them to temporarily disable search console request indexing as of October 14, 2020. Google announced that the process should only take a few weeks. 

What Happens If You Submit Your Site URL for Indexing?

Despite this announcement, many individuals are still attempting to request indexing for their URLs. Google said they would continue to index sites through their normal crawling practices, but requests will not speed up the process while the request indexing ability is disabled. Google has stated on their help page that “Requesting a crawl does not guarantee that inclusion will happen instantly or even at all.” This has always been the case, as faster indexing has never been guaranteed even when the feature was active. So, you can continue trying to push your site for indexing, just keep in mind that it may not improve the speed at which the task is carried out. 

What Can Be Done Until the Request Indexing Feature Returns? 

The best way to continue moving forward during the time this commonly used feature is disabled, is to focus on other important SEO factors. Make sure you are producing quality content, which will attract bots that will index your site without the need to submit a request. As the company stated, “Our systems prioritize the fast inclusion of high quality, useful content.” You can also do more to actively manage your sitemap to indicate when new or updated URLs have been created. 

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