Google Ads Now Has Image Extension

Google Ads Now Has Image Extension

Google Ads remains one of the most essential methods of modern online marketing. However, text-based advertisements can often seem to disappear into the background, blending in with the other results listings. One way that Google has addressed this is by implementing what they call Image Extension. This enables a small photo to be placed alongside the text, providing a pop of color that draws viewers' eyes to your ad. At iBoost, we provide professional online marketing services for companies of all sizes across the US, including PPC management. We like to help our clients find new ways to improve the success of their advertising campaigns, and we would like to help you achieve the same incredible results. Image extension is a great way to enhance your ads, but it has only been utilized on mobile devices so far. Now, Google has announced that they will begin to roll out this feature to desktop devices as well over the next few weeks. Are you unfamiliar with image extension and curious about how your company can leverage this opportunity? Read below for more details.


What Is an Image Extension and Why Does It Matter? 

When a potential customer uses Google to search for a product or service, the advertisement shown at the top of the search results page can now include a small image. This can be very helpful for two reasons. One, it will help your ad stand out against the other options. Second, it will provide relevant context for the viewer, who may be more likely to click on the advertisement.

Image Extensions Will Soon Be Displayed on Desktops
Google has already noticed that image extension works well on mobile devices and is now going to appear the same way on desktop devices as well. If you already have an image extension on mobile ads, they will automatically update your desktop ads with this feature. If you have not already incorporated this feature into your marketing plan, then now is the perfect time to consider it.

Google Is Also Expanding Dynamic Image Extensions
In addition to expanding the availability of this popular feature, Google will also be providing dynamic image extension. This means that the algorithm will select the most relevant image provided on your webpage to your ad. So, using the right images will be even more important when creating your sales and product pages.

How to Use the Stock Image Library 
To help ensure success with an image extension, Google has provided a free library of royalty-free stock images that advertisers can use for their purposes. When you are creating your ads, you can access the library by selecting "Stock Images" or choosing to use your own.

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