Getting Your Products to Rank High on Amazon

Have you listed new products on Amazon, but your sales are less than stellar? It can be disheartening to see other Amazon sellers reach the height of popularity, while your own product views are flatlining. At iBoost, we have helped businesses of all sizes find new ways to increase their online reputation and make more revenue. We want to help you reach you goals as well. Skyrocket your product’s ranking on Amazon with these helpful hints. 


Use Fulfillment by Amazon 

If you’re not taking advantage of Fulfillment by Amazon, then you’re missing out on a lot of sales. When you send your products into the Amazon distribution center, your products will be eligible for Prime shipping. Not only will this make your product much more appealing to buyers, but you’ll also increase your search rank. 

Provide Appropriate Keywords in Title and Product Description
The second step is to make sure you’re maximizing the title, product description and item specifics. Research quality keywords for your products, and make sure to put relevant terms in your title. When it comes to the product description, one or two sentences simply won’t cut it. Especially if you’re selling competitive items that other sellers have listed themselves. The more descriptive you can be the better, as people searching for certain items will be more likely to have your listing show up on the first page of search results. Also, many sellers neglect their item specifics, so be sure to fill out as much information as possible, including dimensions, product weight, materials and other details that others might not take the time to disclose. 

Sell More Items
Amazon’s algorithm tends to favor products with high conversion rates, as it implies that your product listing is relevant to their customer’s needs. That means the more sales you get, the higher your rank will be. 

Encourage Positive Reviews from Customers
Another factor that the algorithm holds in high favor is positive reviews. Unfortunately, customers that are dissatisfied are much more likely to leave a review than one who is happy with their purchase. Consider packaging your items to include a thank you card that reminds buyers you appreciate their reviews and feedback. 

Keep a Low Order Defect Rate
If you have too many customer complaints, orders that failed to ship on time, or items that weren’t received by Amazon customers, then you’ll be either severely downgraded in ranking or banned altogether. Even one or two negative reports could cause a dip in traffic and it can take a while to recover. Do everything you can to ensure customer satisfaction, and if a problem does arrive, be friendly and take care to rectify the situation immediately.

Maintain Inventory 
Amazon also prefers for your inventory to be in stock as often as possible. Customers come to Amazon for their fast shipping and instant availability. So, if you fall beneath their standards, your product ranking will also decline accordingly. 

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