Get More Facebook Likes for Your Small Business

Everyone knows that a viral post or thousands of new Facebook followers can increase exposure for your business. Whether you own a small locally owned brick and mortar retail store or a multinational corporation with locations around the world, growing your social media can be extremely rewarding. However, when it comes to reaching out to the billions of Facebook users, it can feel like screaming into a megaphone that no one can hear. At iBoost, we help businesses of all sizes from across the country build their audience and find digital marketing success. If you're interested in getting more Facebook followers, here are a few guidelines that can help boost the results of your social media efforts. 


Optimize Your Profile

This may seem simple, but can be easily neglected by busy business owners that aren't used to monitoring their social media channels. Be sure to have a distinct brand that's instantly recognizable. Match your profile image, cover picture and bio information in a way that reflects your company's overall message. Attracting the right audience is an essential part of getting likes. Gaining followers takes more than just directing traffic to your page, you also must build a connection with them and show them how the products, services or information you provide are worthy of their Facebook feed.  

Consistently Post Great Content

Keep in mind that you're competing with family photos, celebrity gossip and expertly crafted social media posts. If you want to attract the eyes of people who are quickly scrolling through their social media, you need to make sure the content you provide is worth their time and energy. You also need to be consistent, the more they see and like your posts, the more often Facebook will place it in their feed. If you only post once or twice a month, you aren't likely to be seen by most of your followers.  

Promote Your Facebook Page Online and Offline

Get creative and place a link to your Facebook page everywhere. Take advantage of opportunities that exist both online and offline. Online examples include imbedding a Facebook widget on your webpage, putting a link to your Facebook page at the top of each blog post and providing a link and call to action in your marketing emails. Offline you can still actively promote your page by including your page's URL on physical advertising materials like flyers, business cards, brochures, pamphlets, menus, window decals, receipts and newspaper or magazine ads. 

Use Social Share Plugins Throughout Your Website

Always give readers an opportunity to share your content on their own Facebook pages. If someone stumbles upon a blog post via Google search or other means, they may want to share it on their social media channels to help friends and family or to keep for future reference. Using social share plugins are a great way to make it easy for others to blast your content out into the world without having to put in extra effort. 

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