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Geo-targeting is an aspect of SEO aimed at providing customized and targeted user content to website visitors according to their location, IP address, country, region/state or zip code. Internet marketers and digital professionals can use this to their advantage in getting more customers according to the targeted demography.

Majority of the websites on the internet are created on a daily basis to promote products or services of various companies around the world and to make sales and improve profitability. Interestingly, most of the webmasters and SEO professionals use this strategy to outrank their competition and increase both click through and conversion rates. 

Therefore, iBoost developed this article to teach our readers about geo-targeting so they could take advantage of the numerous benefits it has to offer by implementing it in their websites.

Use country code TLDs to create different landing pages

In specific terms, country-based TLDs will help you rank higher than other websites in your niche when people search for specific keywords. 

For example, when people in Canada search for flight rates and schedule, websites like www. may be one of the options appearing on google first page.

However, that same webpage will not appear on the first page when users in the US do their searches using the same keywords. Instead, the primary domain of the company will definitely come up as one of the options. For further explanation about country code TLDs, you can contact iBoost.

Back-linking and regional listing 

SEO professionals can use backlinks and external links to make Google and other search engines to categorize the location of their website. If your backlinks are mostly linked to Canada based websites, Google and other search engines will categorize the site as Canada based when compared with a website that has all backlinks and external links to be US-based.

Listing your website in regional directories also help in geo-targeting. You will get specific target audience when you list your websites using free regional directories like which is used by Google in their directory.

Geo-targeting is encouraged and will give you the following advantages when implemented.

Geo-targeting will help you analyze consumer behavior and preference.

With geo-targeting strategies, you can deliver content and information that can be relevant to the needs of your audience. It will enhance your ability to develop specific content that targets consumers with credit cards ready to take action. 

You can get location information from consumers if they are convinced that you'll give something of great value in return like bonuses or loyalty points. With the information gotten from such an endeavor, you can determine their online shopping behavior, the type of products they like, their most preferred seasonal products and much more.

It will help you develop location specific content and landing pages

There is need to customize both content and landing pages of your website according to the preference of customers who click on your link from the search engines. Therefore, your SEO strategy, keywords, and content must be developed to provide relevant information to website visitors.

Assuming you provide auto repair services to car owners living in Atlanta, it is advisable you mention the specific area on your website because it will help Google in ranking the website. Do not generalize your content when you're geo-targeting.

You could lose customers by using content on your website which is not location specific since some of your visitors might be looking for the solution to their specific needs offered by local companies. Geo-targeting will double the profitability of your digital marketing campaign when implemented the right way, and you can also get across to iBoost for further clarifications.

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