Free Directories for Building Backlinks

Building backlinks is an essential element in improving your websites SEO. Every time a website creates a quality link to a page on your site, it increases your chances for climbing the ranks of search engines like Google and Bing. The more authority the website has, the better chances you'll have of increasing your own popularity with the internet's most important algorithms. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most difficult and time consuming SEO tasks to accomplish, particularly for small business owners without a lot of training. At iBoost, we help businesses of all sizes grow their online reach using the latest SEO and digital marketing techniques. We understand how vital backlinks can be for getting your web pages to the top spot, and want to help you achieve the results you need. That's why we've created this short list of free directories that can help take away some of the stress of getting started. 


How Can Directories Help Your Business Build Backlinks?

You could spend months searching for and emailing popular, relevant websites to ask for backlinks. Communicating this way can often be wasted time, as they are often business owners and managers themselves who aren't willing or interested in creating links to your pages. Submitting your site to a quality directory can help make the process much simpler and less migraine inducing. Though it often takes time to apply and have your submission reviewed by an editor, it's well worth it. 

Top 50 Free Directories for Building Backlinks for More Web Traffic

Are you excited about building more backlinks? Get more traffic by submitting your site to the following free directories:

  1. Dmoz
  2. Scrub the Web
  3. Directory World
  4. So Much
  5. Jayde
  6. R Directory
  7. T Section
  8. Free Website Directory
  9. Wwwi
  10. Vie Search
  11. 1 Abc
  12. Business Seek
  13. Cipinet
  14. Directory My Link
  15. Directory Fire
  16. Pro Link Directory
  17. Pedsters Planet
  18. Amray
  19. Gain Web
  20. Link Book
  21. The Web Directory
  22. Scrabble Stop
  23. Submission 4u
  24. Suggest URL
  25. Elite Sites Directory
  26. Inteligentd
  27. Linkpedia
  28. 1 Webs Directory
  29. 9 Sites
  30. Synergy Directory
  31. Wikid Web
  32. 247 Web Directory
  33. Pi Series
  34. PR3 Plus
  35. Nexus Directory
  36. The Net Directory
  37. Linkdir
  38. Best Free Websites
  39. Suggest Site
  40. Nipao
  41. Sighber Cafe
  42. Digg Directory
  43. 10 Directory
  44. Vision Web Directory
  45. Xysyst
  46. SEO Free Links
  47. Dir4uk
  48. PR Web Link
  49. Royal Link Up
  50. Aditya Webs
  51. Directory Books
  52. Leading Link Directory
  53. Answer Spots
  54. SEO Up Link
  55. Good Useful Links
  56. Vision Web SEO
  57. Web Apps Directory
  58. Find Website
  59. Local Succes

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