4 Ways to Save Money on Your Next PPC Campaign


While some big corporations may have an unlimited advertising budget, most business owners have to balance the cost of marketing with other overhead expenses. Pay per click advertising is already a great way to reduce waste by leveraging digital tools, but how can you make your cash stretch even further? At iBoost, we help our clients save money on advertising every day. Our team of experts stay up to date on the latest algorithms and opportunities for your ad campaigns to make sure your ad dollars' double in value. Here are some recommendations that can help make your next PPC campaign worth every penny. 

Use Negative Keywords

Every Google AdWord campaign has the ability to add in negative keywords. These are words that when typed into the search results, tells Google to avoid placing your ad on their page. Some people might think it's best to show up in search results as often as possible. However, the key to keeping costs down and conversion high is to target your ideal audience with precision. Customers who are using keywords like free, cheap, save money on, etc. are probably not going to convert into paying customers. So, if someone using these phrases finds your ad and clicks on it, but doesn't purchase your product or service - you just lost money. 

Direct Traffic to the Place Most Likely to Convert

Tech companies have spent billions of dollars creating analytics software and optimization tools that help business owners make the most out of their Pay Per Click ads. It's important to understand that getting people to click on your ad is only part of what makes a campaign successful. If your ad doesn't take them to right location, you risk the chance of losing them as a customer. If this pattern is repeated often enough, it can lead to big money being thrown down the drain. If you are the owner of a gym and you're running a membership special - it doesn't do much good if your ad leads potential customers to a home page where the information for the special member pricing is difficult to find. Keep in mind you've got less than 30 seconds for a customer who clicked on your ad to decide if they will stay on your site. A great way to help raise the conversion rates of your PPC ads is to direct them to a landing page or a product page where you are specifically highlighting the exact item you would like to sell. 

Use Geo Targeting for Brick and Mortar Locations

If you own a brick and mortar store that primarily serves your local community, make sure you target your area when creating your Pay Per Click campaign. Let's say for instance you own an artisan bakery in San Francisco. If a hungry man in Miami is looking to buy a sourdough baguette and he clicks your ad, you can be sure he won't be stopping by anytime soon. Save those ad dollars for people who live close enough to visit you. 

Avoid a "Set It and Forget It" Mentality

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when running their own Pay Per Click ads, is setting up their ads on autopilot. They go to AdWords, create a quick campaign, set it to a daily budget and wait three months before they look at the results. This technique is certainly not going to save you money. There are so many valuable tools that can analyze and evaluate what ads are working and which ones are failing. If day to day operations are making it difficult for you to pour over statistics and run split tests you might consider hiring a professional company like iBoost. Let us do the hard work, and be sure that every single dollar spent on marketing your products and services are being maximized.

The iBoost team wants to see your business succeed. Let us help make your PPC ads grow revenue for your company. We have a team of experts ready to take your marketing results to the next level. Contact us and start working with one of our specialists today.


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Oct 24, 2018



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