External Link Strategies to Improve Your SEO

External links are essential to growing your site rank and page authority. Having other sites link to your webpages shows search engine bots that you are a trusted source of information. Always remember that Google and Bing's number one job is to keep their users happy by consistently providing the best results for their searches. While link building is a vital piece of the SEO puzzle, getting quality links from legitimate websites can be a full-time job in itself. Most of today's busy business owners have a long list of responsibilities, and simply don't have enough hours in the day to focus on increasing their ranking. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes grow their online traffic and successfully market their products and services to new customers.


Create Content That's Worthy of Sharing

The best way to get others to link to your site, is to create content that's worth sharing. Other sites increase their SEO by embedding relevant links, and if they stumble across your relevant blog post, product page or video in a Google search they are likely to provide a link for their readers. The best part is that this organic method of link building requires no extra effort or costs. And, depending on the popularity of their website, you may see a significant increase of traffic to your page. The key is to create valuable content that people would be proud to share with their own audience and to increase the visibility of your posts and pages so it's easy for content creators to find. 

Reach Out to Other Site Owners and Influencers

When you're beginning your link building journey, you probably won't be able to rely solely on the above strategy. Link building most often requires a lot of effort in the beginning, but is well worth the time spent as the traffic to the pages containing your site link increase. Roll up your sleeves for a few days and send emails and messages to relevant websites, bloggers and influencers. Sending out one or two occasional requests won't be very effective. To make the most of your time, dedicate a few days per quarter to link building, and reach out to dozens or even hundreds of site owners at a time. Though not everyone will respond, all you need is a yes from a handful to start seeing positive results. 

Research Relevant Search Terms

Don't waste your time trying to get links for search terms that are undesirable or oversaturated. Be specific when requesting a link and don't be afraid to ask for a specific phrase or keyword to be in the anchor text. The more relevant the link text is, the more it will get the attention of popular search engine crawlers. 

Get Press Attention for Your Business

Journalists and news programs are always searching for content that will keep their audience engaged. Reaching out to the press is an excellent way to get quality links from sites with high authority. This is an great tactic for small business as well who are trying to get the attention of local customers. Remember, you don't need to get a 5,000 word article from a New York Times reporter to get great traffic. A few online articles published by your neighborhood newspaper can go a long way. To stay in the news frequently, you may need to become more involved in your community. Offer interviews to your TV and radio stations, host events at your business location and support local charitable causes. Not only will this help bolster relationships with people in your city, but you'll also rise through the search result rankings much faster. 

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