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Have you worked hard on designing a modern, responsive website, launched your pay per click campaigns on Google and Facebook and published blog posts and sales pages - but still aren't achieving the results you were looking for? Email marketing might be the perfect solution. A lot of business owners have heard about the benefits of building an email list, but get nervous about the basics, like how to collect email addresses and keep up with sending the emails out to the right people. In the early days of the internet, emailing customers might have been an arduous process, but hard working software developers have brought massive innovations to the world of email list building. There are now dozens of quality, affordable email marketing platforms available. The hard part might be choosing which one will work best for your needs. At iBoost, we help businesses of all sizes grow their online reach with SEO and digital marketing techniques. Over the years, we've helped many business owners learn how to implement email marketing into their overall strategy and want to do the same for you. Here are a few tips that can help you pick the perfect platform for your email campaigns. 

Know Your Goals

Most eCommerce companies understand the value of email marketing. Unfortunately, many small businesses and brick and mortar locations are unsure how to incorporate email promotions and newsletters into a successful marketing strategy. That's why it's vital to have a complete understanding of your goals, and how email can fit into achieving your desired result. Be realistic about what kind of time and attention you can give to your email list, because consistency and value is more important than quantity. Do you want to share your blog posts, advertise seasonal sales, promote your sales funnel or share a newsletter that nurtures your relationship with customers? Set up a strategy, and know what you're committing to. 

Set Your Budget

Prices for email marketing platforms range from free to thousands of dollars a month. If you're starting out with a small list and only want to send out a monthly promotional email, it might not be necessary to jump into a premium corporate plan that is intended for large scale marketing. Many platforms like Mail Chimp and ConvertKit have plans that grow with the size of your list, so you can balance your costs as you continue to learn and build upon your marketing strategy. 

How Often Will You Send Emails?

Some email servers charge based on the number of subscribers, while other plans are determined by the number of emails you send per month. That's why it's important to set up an email schedule ahead of time. Someone with a small list of 100 subscribers who sends emails three times a week may end up spending more than a business with 1,000 subscribers who sends a monthly newsletter. Make sure you choose a provider that gives you the best value for your needs. 

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