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Has your Google rank been at a standstill for years? Or worse, has your website fallen so far to the bottom of the SEO ladder, that your pages rarely see visitors? In today’s world of rapid advancements, businesses have no choice but to constantly evolve and adapt their digital marketing techniques to stay relevant. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes find new ways to market their products and services. We understand the importance of updating SEO practices when it comes to winning favoritism from Google’s ever changing algorithm. Here are some tips for boosting your search engine status in 2019, and well into the future.

Stop Neglecting Voice Search

It’s been estimated that nearly 50 percent of all internet searches will be voice based by the end of the year. Whether drivers are asking Siri for directions to the nearest Italian restaurant in an unfamiliar neighborhood, or busy moms are begging Alexa for a recommended dentist while chasing toddlers around their living room, it’s becoming more popular to speak our questions, rather than typing on a keyboard. If you’re not creating keywords and ad campaigns that utilize this trend, then you could be quickly left behind. 

Use Videos 

Start making videos. The thought of creating a YouTube channel scares a lot of business owners, but it’s well worth the challenge. Your videos don’t have to be long and over the top. Show customers how to use your products, or highlight a recently finished client project. Not only can publishing video content attract more customers to your brand, you can jumpstart your site ranking by embedding the videos directly into your blog posts and sales pages. 

Optimize Site for Mobile Devices

Surveys show that 8 out of 10 adults in the United States owns a smartphone. And most of these men and women are using their iPhones and Galaxy Notes to search for services and products online. If you’re still using an outdated static website, it’s vital that you make the switch to a responsive site that’s designed for use across all devices. 

Improve Your Click Through Rate

Many people are unaware that the click through rate, or CTR, of a web page is one of the most important factors for impressing Google bots. Your CTR is determined by the length of time an internet user is actively on your page. The longer you can keep your web traffic’s attention, the more favorable your search engine ranking will be. Make sure to keep track of your CTR through Google analytics, and make improvements where needed. 

Publish High Quality Content

High school English teachers could never have imagined the incredible role the written word would play in the modern technology. However, since the writing standards of Google continue to grow more demanding, it’s important that companies raise their own publishing requirements. Since every business must publish consistent, relevant content, owners and managers need to do everything they can to improve the quality of their blog posts, product descriptions and service pages. If you still don’t have a blog, or have little written text throughout your site, then it’s time to either learn the skills necessary. If you already juggle too many responsibilities, consider hiring an employee or invest in a digital marketing company that can provide unique, customized content at least once a week. 

Ready to Improve Your Google Rank This Year? Get Help from the SEO Pros at iBoost

Are you interested in seeing your website reach the top of Google’s front page in 2019? Then contact the team at iBoost today. Our SEO and digital marketing experts are ready to help you achieve your advertising goals. 

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