Digital Marketing Trends to Invest in 2017

The world of online advertising seems to become more complex every year. This can leave many business owners confused about how and where to invest their marketing budget for the most return. If you're trying to determine how your marketing dollars will be used in the coming months, this post will help you discover the new year's biggest digital marketing trends, so you can maximize your efforts and grow your business in 2017. 



Search engines are getting better at using keywords and phrases to target content for a specific audience. Internet users are also improving upon their own understanding of how to narrow their search terms to find what they want. Voice recognition software is also evolving, as more people are using their phone to look up information while driving or multitasking. Therefore, choosing the right keywords for your content will be an absolute necessity in 2017, so that you get as much traffic to your website as possible. 

Email Marketing

With over 2.6 billion email users in the world, next year looks like a great time to invest in email marketing. Conversion rates are already through the roof in this area of digital marketing, and are expected to continue increasing. If you haven't already taken advantage of the latest innovations of email marketing platforms and providers, it's time to implement strategies like email automation and list building techniques. 


While written content is still vital for SEO purposes, it's important to realize that many of your customers may prefer audio or visual content as well. Not everyone enjoys reading or has time to finish a 1500 word blog post. A lot of people like to watch videos instead, and if you aren't creating them there's an entire market of potential clients you're missing out on. While it can seem intimidating at first, creating video can help boost your brands image and create deeper relationships with new and existing customers. 

Distribution of Content

Creating blog posts and videos is great, but if they don't get in front of customers then it may not reap the results you're looking for. As the World Wide Web expands, it becomes increasingly critical to place your content on platforms and social media channels that will bring the maximum amount of attention and direct customers to your company. In 2017, it will be extremely important to carefully choose where and how you will share your content online to get the most impact from your hard work. 

More Connection

Emotional and psychological connections have always been a pillar of marketing. However, in the next phase of the Information Age, we can expect more connections between humans, the internet and their physical devices. In the coming years, it won't just be our tablets, phones and laptops that are online. Refrigerators, cars, exercise equipment, water heaters and almost every electrical appliance in the world will likely be networked to provide maintenance and purchasing information to and from consumers, manufacturers, repair technicians and ultimately to marketers who can use that data to make better advertising decisions. 

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