How to Build Better Relationships with Online Customers


A brick and mortar business knows their success depends on developing strong relationships with customers. Every local small business relies on word of mouth to grow their reputation and encourage people to keep coming back. However, when it comes to online sales, that element is often lost. It can be difficult for business owners to know how to develop the same level of trust with online customers when they are making their purchases from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes grow their online presence through quality SEO and digital marketing services. Over the years, our team has helped many businesses build better relationships with online clients. Here are a few tips that can help you do the same. 

Utilize Social Media

Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to share their value in an authentic way. Most people's feeds are a combination of personal and professional interests. That means your Facebook post may be shown right below a picture of their niece's first day of school and above a meme shared by their best friend. That places you in a unique place to form a deeper connection. Companies can become more human by pulling back the curtain and showing their audience the people behind the brand. 

Get in Their Inbox

While your targeted social media ads may get some attention, it can be difficult for organic posts to bring recurring traffic to your website. Even then, once a customer arrives at your blog post or product page, they might not ever return a second time. One of the best ways to establish a relationship with first time clients is to have them sign up for your email list. Your social media posts may disappear from their feeds but they're sure to see you pop in their inbox once a week. These gentle reminders can develop brand awareness much faster, and make them more likely to come back to your website again and again. 

Provide High Quality Customer Support 

Buying products and services online can be intimidating. People have become much more comfortable making purchases via the internet, but it can still make people nervous if they have a question and can't find help. Make your contact information simple to use and easy to find on every page of your website. Whether you use text messaging, live chat, email or phone support, make sure that they know exactly where to go if they need assistance. 

Respond to Comments and Feedback 

No one wants to go into a store and be ignored by the staff. If a customer was asking an employee for help, and they refused to respond, they would probably walk out of the door and never return. The same can be true for customers who shop online. If someone is feeling confused about what product or service they need, or if they are dissatisfied with their purchase, it can be incredibly frustrating for their questions and comments to fall on deaf ears. Every time a customer comments on a Facebook posts, tags you on twitter and Instagram or posts a question below your blog post, it's very important that you address the issue. If you wish to discuss the issue privately, you can provide your contact information and urge them to contact you one on one. Even if they don't respond, other customers will see that you've cared about them and will make them feel more secure. 

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If you're interested in discovering how you can build better online relationships, contact the experienced team at iBoost. We will be happy to discuss your needs one on one and help find the perfect solution for all your SEO and digital marketing needs. 

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