Common PPC Mistakes


At iBoost, we've helped many businesses successfully manage their Pay-Per-Click campaigns. Along the way, we've discovered many mistakes that companies often make when setting up their online ads. We want to save you some time and money by pointing out a few of the most common reasons why businesses lose money when running their PPC campaigns. 

Not Targeting Customers by Location

If you own a hair salon in Atlanta, you don't want someone in Los Angeles clicking on your ad. Even if you sell your products and services nationally or internationally, it's still a good idea to target customers in specific cities. A little bit of demographic research can point you toward areas where people are more likely to buy your products. If you sell surf boards for instance, you may consider using geotargeting to attract customers in Honolulu, HI or Santa Cruz, CA. 

Using Negative Keywords

Sure, if you're using keywords like "free" and "cheap" in your campaign you will attract people using those terms to search for products or services that you provide. However, is that really the kind of audience you want to cater to? Keep in mind, that you're paying for each click, and if the person going to your website is actively trying to not spend money, then you may be wasting yours. 

Using Bad Landing Pages

Spending money on PPC advertising is a great way to gain new customers. However, where you're sending your audience after they click your ad determines if they will make a purchase or go somewhere else. Be sure that your landing page is relevant to your ad. No one wants to click on a link for a swimwear sale only to be taken to a product page full of baseball gloves. Be extra careful when creating your campaign so you're directing customers to the optimal place for the keywords you're using. Always use quality sales copy, high converting content and a user-friendly design. 

Not Taking Advantage of Seasonal Holidays

Sometimes when people are searching for products, they have a particular season or holiday in mind. Take for example the clothing industry. A mother might be looking for a "winter coat" or an "Easter dress" for her daughter. So, it would make sense as a boutique owner to use these keywords in your PPC campaigns to target those specific customers. 

Broad Bids

While it may be good practice to include a few general keywords in your PPC campaign, you should also focus on more detailed long tail keywords as well. Maximize your ad budget by narrowing your focus toward specific customers who are more likely to buy a certain kind of product. You may also want to get creative and play around with word choice. See if there's a way you can combine words that will target more than one search term. Remember that every time someone clicks on your ad, you're spending money. You want to do everything you can to ensure that those who click over to your site are ready to buy. 

Do You Want Help Growing and Managing Your PPC Campaigns? Call iBoost Today

Today's business owners have a lot of responsibilities. Managing Pay-Per-Click advertising takes a lot of energy, time and digital marketing education. Let the experts at iBoost take care of your PPC campaigns so you can maximize the return on your investment while gaining much needed freedom and flexibility in your schedule. Contact us today to find out how our services can help your business reach new customers. 

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