Can Your Company Benefit from Creating a Facebook Group?

Has your business been on Facebook for a while, but you aren't seeing the high level of customer engagement you had hoped for? You might consider starting a Facebook Group. Though they are most often used by online coaches and infopreneurs, companies in other industries can also benefit by integrating Groups into their overall marketing strategy. At iBoost, we help businesses of all sizes grow their online presence and increase sales. We've seen firsthand how Facebook Groups can help boost businesses from small home based business owners to large scale multinational corporations. Here's a few of the ways starting your own Facebook Group could skyrocket your online traffic. 


Creates an Engaging Atmosphere

Facebook Business Pages aren't visited as frequently as groups because they aren't very conducive to interaction between staff and customers. While posts published via Pages will show up in other peoples feed, the ability to have discussions and leave comments is limited when compared to the personal engagement in a Facebook group. A Group is more cozy and intimate and creates a certain level of comfort between group administrators and those who are interested in your brand. This can boost awareness of your company and make cold prospects warm up to the idea of investing their money in your products and services down the road. 

Create Polls for New Ideas and Get Instant Feedback 

Are you excited about introducing a new product or service for customers, but aren't sure if the launch will fall flat? There's no reason to waste your time or money buying and promoting a product your audience isn't interested in. When you have a Facebook Group full of loyal clients, the answer is only a click away. All you need to do is utilize Facebook's rich features to create a poll or ask your members their opinion and you'll get instant feedback. Rather than wasting thousands or even millions of dollars on an ill received idea, you can move forward with confidence. This allows you to instantly pivot so you can put your focus on the offers that truly inspire your supporters. 

Use Secret Groups for Internal Communication and Project Management

Another interesting way to utilize Facebook's free Groups is to organize internal communications and manage important projects. You can create different groups for specific product launches, store locations or departments so that people have a fast and easy way to collaborate, discuss important issues and get quick feedback from multiple staff members. Today's US workers spend an average of 20 hours a week sifting through email alone. That's a lot of wasted productivity. Keep your teams on task and moving forward by using Facebook Groups to discuss news and information in mass rather than clamoring back and forth with individual emails. 

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