Can Segmenting Your Audience Lead to More Sales?

Audience segmentation is a new technique that can be very effective at gaining the attention of new customers. However, many business owners aren’t yet familiar with the term, and are missing out on its many benefits. At iBoost, we help companies of all sizes grow their online reach using effective SEO and digital marketing solutions. We’ve seen firsthand what kind of positive impact segmenting can do for marketing, and we want you to see your business achieve the same great results.


What is Segmenting?

Segmentation involves grouping your general audience into smaller categories based on specific characteristics or criteria. Grouping examples are wide ranging, but might include geographic location, income status, age, search interests or job descriptions. Doing so allows you to direct advertisements, promotions and offers that are customized and unique to individuals within your larger pool of potential buyers. 

How Can Segmenting Help My Company Increase Sales?

There are many ways to use segmenting for increasing sales. If you are trying to attract new clients, you can create a series of targeted advertising campaigns on social media that’s directed at a very specific type of individual. By creating multiple featured posts with messages that attract a variety of audience members, you maximize the effects of outreach, while broadening the number of individuals who may be interested in your product or service. You can also use segmenting for existing clients by creating a sales funnel that focuses on items they haven’t purchased, rather than annoying them with ads for offers they’ve already invested in. 

Ways You Can Implementing Segmenting for Fast Results

When using audience segmenting, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few examples of the ways different businesses might utilize segmenting to get more attention from online users who are ready to make a purchase:

  • A health supplement company can segment their advertisements by creating one campaign that targets women who want to lose weight, and another for men that are ready to bulk up their muscles. 
  • Fine Jewelry stores may segment their ads in a way that favor potential customers who are about to get married, or are approaching an anniversary. 
  • An author can create a sales funnel, differentiating customers by which books they’ve already purchased. 
  • Professional plumbers may offer specific maintenance service promotions for individuals based on prior plumbing issues. 
  • Subscription box businesses might use segmenting to retain customers who have ended their monthly plan, offering them a deal when renewing with an annual payment. 

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