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Almost all companies receive daily phone calls from customers. In fact, for some service based businesses like plumbers, landscape professionals and electricians phone calls are the way that most customers are acquired. For online businesses, there exists a myriad of ways to analyze and track data for lead generation from advertisements, email marketing and social media efforts. However, for businesses where phone calls are such a significant factor in understanding sales, failing to track offline efforts can undermine marketing endeavors. At iBoost, we've helped businesses of all sizes around the country improve their marketing and sales results with our professional call tracking and recording services. If your company relies heavily on phone interactions for sales conversions, here's a few reasons why you might benefit from adopting the same techniques for your business. 

Analyze Your Marketing Efforts

When sales are conducted via online platforms, it's easy to see which methods of digital advertising have the highest conversion rates. Unfortunately, if your advertising campaign's call to action asks customers to call for an appointment, it can be almost impossible to know how certain ads and promotions effected the results. For example, a local locksmith may have multiple ways for clients to find their phone number. Knowing whether the customer made a phone call based on a Google ad, a Facebook post, a billboard or a family member's suggestion is important. With call tracking, you can begin to understand why people are making calls to your business and by analyzing the recorded phone calls and data provided, you can make marketing changes that will help you yield higher sales rates. 

Improve Customer Service and Employee Performance

Recording phone calls can help business owners and managers better understand what their customers need. Are the majority of incoming phone calls related to service inquiries? What percentage of calls are complaints, and how are those issues being handled? By having the conversations between clients and employees recorded, you can find areas of improvement, discover better methods of training and increase your overall customer satisfaction. 

Increase Your ROI

After tracking and recording your phone calls, you will be better able to understand whether your expenses are being well invested. From researching marketing campaign data, to making connections with the quality of employee work and customer interests, you can begin to eliminate subversive actions and reinvest those funds and efforts into areas that are successful yet underutilized. You'll be able to stop wasting overhead on unproductive employees and unsustainable marketing methods and increase support for the tasks that will provide the best return on your investments. 

Are You Ready to Track Your Business' Calls? Contact the Experts at iBoost Today

Is it time for your company to discover more about your customers? Are you ready to increase client satisfaction and revenue? Get a higher return on your advertising and marketing efforts with help from iBoost's call tracking and recording services. Contact our team today to find out how our professionals can help your company achieve more sales, happier clients and a better workflow.   

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