Benefits of Advertising on Bing

When most people start planning out their digital marketing campaigns, they go straight to Google AdWords. While it is suggested that a generous portion of your advertising budget does include Google, it shouldn't be your only online advertising stream. Bing shouldn't be overlooked. Though it isn't the largest search engine in the world, it still receives over 750 million searches per month. With a cheaper pay per click rate, and less competitors, using Bing is a great way to expose your business to a wider audience and save money in the process.


Two Search Engines for the Price of One

Bing has partnered with Yahoo! in order to improve their advertiser's overall visibility. Doing so has helped both search networks to effectively stand on their own against Google. This means that when you advertise on Bing, your ad campaign will show up on both search engines, thus increasing the size of your audience. 

Lower Pay Per Click Costs

Because there are less people competing for the same keywords, the amount you pay per click is usually significantly less expensive than Google AdWords. If you are a business with a smaller advertising budget, this can come in handy. You can get almost twice the amount of traffic for half the price. Using Bing is a great way to stretch your ad dollars while reaching a wider community of online shoppers. 

Less Competition

Many people turn to Google because of the high volume of traffic. While this is a benefit to using Google, it can sometimes backfire because there are so many people advertising to the same demographics. When using Bing, there will be far fewer businesses that are targeting the same audience, which will increase your chances of being seen in the sea of search engine ad space. 

Be Seen by Users That Only Search on Bing

There are an increasing number of users that only use Bing. Some people feel that it's dangerous to allow a search engine monopoly to develop, because of it's potential to censor information on the internet. Others use Bing for convenience because it comes preinstalled on their phone, tablet or computer. Rather than install the chrome app, they simply use what's already provided for them.

On Microsoft's website, they state, "Microsoft data shows that people who are using Windows 10 are on average searching on Bing 30% more than in previous Windows OS versions. With 200 million Windows 10 devices worldwide already, this is having a significant impact on our search query market share." 

There are also a lot of internet users that have used Yahoo! for years, and choose to stay with them out of comfort and familiarity in our fast changing technological world. These demographics do tend to be older, but they also have a higher level of income and are more educated, which can come in handy for a lot of businesses.

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