Best Search Engines for 2022


Best Search Engines for 2022

Google may be the dominant search engine, but it isn’t the only one around. In fact, many people continue to use a variety of popular websites to find the information, services, and products they need online. Unfortunately, those who call themselves an SEO expert frequently neglect the potential that alternatives to Google can offer. As a premium SEO company, the team at iBoost has discovered the best search engines for businesses to focus on in the coming year. Here are the top five search engines for 2022 that can help you rise to the top spot and enjoy more organic traffic to your web pages. 


Every day, more than five billion people use Google to search online. While these are mindboggling numbers, everyone knows how important Google is to modern-day commerce. If you want your business to be seen by potential customers, then a focus on Google needs to remain a priority. Its web crawler software is always ahead of the curve and continues to be the top choice for internet users around the world. 


While Google certainly continues to hold the gold trophy, Bing is also a popular alternative that is backed by another household name, Microsoft. This search engine happens to be the default search engine for all PCs that use Windows. Improvements and additional features have been introduced over the years, giving it more than 6% of the market share in the United States. Be sure to keep Bing on your radar when it comes to SEO and PPC advertising


DuckDuckGo has been around since the early days of the internet. While it still doesn’t hold a candle to its largest rival, it has become a popular choice for those who are risk-averse. DuckDuckGo features a lot of privacy settings that Google does not. Therefore, many users who prefer for their web history to remain private will opt for DuckDuckGo as their main search engine.


Yahoo boasts an impressive 1 billion monthly users, 600 million of which browse using mobile devices. The numbers may be significantly less than that of Google, yet the competition on Yahoo is also far less. This can give businesses more leverage when it comes to ranking organically. 


Wow is another great search engine competing for its fair share of the international market. In fact, it is one of the most popular sites for those who are interested in finding news articles, celebrity information, or details about the entertainment industry. If your company is involved in music, film, celebrity gossip, pop culture, or current events, then you may want to consider the many ways that Wow can boost your online reach. 

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