Benefits of Having a Custom-Built Website

Benefits of Having a Custom-Built Website

In today’s world, a business's success relies heavily on an online presence. Although many companies have figured out the importance of social media marketing, this simple method is not enough to set you apart from competitors. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need a website that fully presents what your business has to offer. Website builder platforms such as Wix and open-source content management systems (CMS) like WordPress are popular methods of creating websites, but they pale in comparison to a custom-built website. iBoost Web’s custom website design and website development offer individuality, speed, security, and scalability. Continue reading or call iBoost Web to learn more about the benefits of having a custom-built website.


Build Your Unique Brand

In order to compete against rivals, you must set yourself apart by creating a brand, a unique image. This is hard to do with the generic, ready-made themes and layouts of website builders and CMS software. Granted these options offer an illusion of uniqueness with minor adjustment options, a custom-built website lets you bring your distinctive imagination to life. Our architects and website developers will work with you to create a customer experience that engages prospective clients and takes them on a journey.

Faster Load Times

Website builders and CMS software are great in that they offer a number of built-in functionalities. The drawback is that your website might not need a lot of those features, which can slow down your website’s load time for nothing. This can be the difference between landing a customer or losing out. According to a white paper by Google, over 50 percent of websites are abandoned if the page takes longer than 3 seconds to load!
Custom-built websites allow you to avoid unnecessary features and “bloatware,” and they allow you to optimize the necessary functionalities. iBoost Web customizes webpages for mobile users as well as those using browsers. Time is of the essence! Call iBoost Web to schedule a consultation today.

Better Security

Web security has always been a top priority on the internet with even some of the largest companies falling victim to security breaches. Though website builders and CMS software include some sort of security, these large platforms are often prime targets for hackers.
Oddly enough, a custom-built website by a reputable, medium-sized business can offer better security than these large companies. iBoost Web even offers web hosting to better optimize the security of the websites and applications.


Surely you want and expect your business to grow. Website builders are limited in this regard. They are often neither scalable nor flexible. If you reach the limit, you might end up having to create a new website or pay fees to the platform. Why deal with all that hassle when a custom-built website allows you to scale up without starting from scratch?

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iBoost Web is a reputable business with a couple of decades of experience. We have built custom websites for thousands of small, medium, and large businesses. Call iBoost Web now for your free consultation. We look forward to seeing your business succeed in the cyber world.