Benefits of Billboard Advertising

Benefits of Billboard Advertising

While online marketing continues to be the primary focus of many advertising departments, some traditional methods are still worthy of consideration. Billboard ads, for example, show that outdoor advertising continues to influence sales, particularly when it comes to local businesses. At iBoost, we help clients across the United States increase revenues using a variety of online marketing and traditional advertising techniques. So, are you wondering whether outdoor advertising will fit your needs? Here are some important factors to think about when planning your next marketing campaign. 


Improve Brand Awareness in Your Local Community

Developing brand awareness can take a lot of time, patience, and money to accomplish via digital marketing and social media. While the results are well worth the effort, billboard ads offer an affordable and direct way to improve brand recognition in a localized area. This is great for smaller businesses, especially those that depend on local customers for their products and services. 

24/7 Advertising 

Pay-per-click ads and social media posts can help bring attention to your business; however, your ads aren’t viewable when customers turn off their phones or step away from their computers. Your billboard message will be displayed all day, every day, for the duration of the ad campaign. 


The noise of the digital space can be overwhelming at times, and some people develop a habit of scrolling through their Facebook feed or Twitter account with little attention paid to the ads. However, if someone is sitting in traffic on the highway, their eyes have little choice but to be drawn toward your billboard. 

Cast a Wider Net 

Targeting specific niches can offer great results for many industries, but sometimes it can be helpful to widen the lens on occasion. Billboard advertising showcases your company to everyone who passes by. This gives an opportunity for businesses to attract clients that may have otherwise never known about them. 

Location, Location, Location

There is a lot of flexibility and customization when it comes to choosing the best location for your billboard ads. If you can find a billboard in the right area, you can ensure that thousands of people view your message on their daily commute. You can also take advantage of the location by placing billboard ads on a busy highway exit that is close to your headquarter. This can help drive literal traffic to your brick and mortar building for direct sales by providing an address on the image. 

Do You Want to Improve Your Online Marketing or Outdoor Advertising Campaigns?

Are you tired of watching your competitors rank higher on Google? Have you been looking for ways to target local customers or to expand your reach using online ads? Whether you want to improve your website or create an effective plan for an upcoming launch, we can help make it happen. Let the SEO and digital marketing professionals at iBoost help create a customized campaign that will bring your company the results it wants. Discuss your needs with our friendly specialists. Contact our team today.