Are You Losing Brand Loyalty?


Have you noticed a decline in sales despite an surge in new customers? Has your revenue begun to decrease even after investing in a promotional campaign? If so, then you might be losing brand loyalty. Retaining existing customers can be difficult in today’s modern world, where distractions abound and “new” is often associated with better. At iBoost, we help clients from a variety of industries grow their audience and increase online sales using proven search engine optimization and PPC techniques. Are you looking for ways to improve your company’s brand loyalty? Here are some tips and information that can help you reach your goals. 

Why Brand Loyalty Is Important

Acquiring new customers can demand a lot of energy, time and money. Creating quality content, posting frequently on social media platforms, improving SEO and engaging in pay for click advertising campaigns are all excellent ways to attract new clients. However, if customers are buying once and failing to return, then the long-term return on your investments may prove disappointing. Ideally, a buyer will come back to you again and again. They will seek your company out when they need a related product or service, and rely on your content to stay aware of relevant information. 

Reasons Why Retaining Customers is More Difficult

In the past, options were few and far between for shoppers. Whether you were a retail store, a restaurant or a service provider, the competition was likely nominal. This can no longer be said in today’s fast paced environment, where the whole world is only a click away. Modern buyers frequently purchase from whoever offers the latest gimmick, the lowest price or the fastest shipping. Customers that make convenience a top priority prove hard to retain, as they are easily persuaded to buy from someone else, and less likely to care about previous purchases. 

Ways to Keep or Restore Brand Loyalty 

If brand loyalty is slowly slipping away, how can your company survive the times? Here are some tips on how you can keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

  • Try to find new customers that care about the company they make purchases from. Depending on your industry, finding such a client may require extra research, testing and data monitoring. 
  • Be consistent. The online world creates a highly competitive environment. That means larger companies with bigger budgets will always be ready to pump out more Facebook ads, Instagram stories and blog posts. If you’re only reaching out to customers here and there, your posts are missing from their feeds and your promotional emails are going to the junk folder. Set a schedule and stick to it, so your customers become accustomed to seeing your content and your brand remains at the forefront of their mind.
  • Never let an opportunity go to waste. If you successfully complete a sale with a new or returning customer, give them incentive to come back immediately. Send them a follow up email with discounts toward they’re next purchase. Include a coupon or thank you card with a promotional code if you’re shipping something out. 
  • Focus on having excellent customer service. Make sure it’s easy for the buyer to contact you if an issue occurs. Display your phone number, google map and email prominently on your website and social media profiles. Offer live chat or a 24-hour help line. And most importantly, if you receive a complaint respond to them right away, especially if their feedback is publicly available.

Need Help Reaching More Customers? Call the Experts at iBoost 

Are you tired of seeing customers head for the competition? Retain current clients and reach a wider audience with help from the team at iBoost. Our highly trained, experienced SEO and digital marketing specialists are ready to help you achieve success. 

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