8 Tips for Creating Landing Pages That Convert

Landing pages are a great way to direct traffic from your digital marketing campaigns to focused content that will convert them into loyal customers. Getting potential buyers to click on your ad is only half the battle, where they end up is a vital key that will determine whether your audience will make a purchase or leave your site immediately. Learning how to build effective landing pages will keep you from wasting your precious advertising budget, and help greatly increase your sales. Here's a few tips that will help you achieve a landing page that will attract your ideal client or customer. 


Draw Them In 

Use engaging headlines and subtitles to increase the chances that your reader will continue scanning the page. Getting them to your site doesn't mean a thing if they are instantly bored with your offer. Consider using images, and video for those who prefer visual information rather than reading. 

What Are Your Audiences Pain and Pleasure Points?

When outlining your product or service, be sure to think deeply about the reasons why your ideal customer will need what you are selling. What problem does it solve for them? Form a connection by establishing right away that you understand the issue that they're dealing with and showcase how your particular offer will be the perfect solution to their suffering. You can also appeal to their desire as well. Does your niche or industry provide a way for buyers to become healthier and weigh less? Can it help them build wealth or create a more enjoyable lifestyle? Highlight those aspects and help them visualize their new life with your product or service as the catalyst. 

Narrow Their Choices

Being too broad can negatively affect the quality of your landing pages. Many businesses spend a small fortune on creating an online ad campaign, only to have their potential customer click through to a generic product list or home page. This approach gives them an overwhelming number of options and will greatly increase the likelihood that they'll click away. The best landing pages focus on a single product or service and guides their audience exactly where they need to go to make a purchase. Your reader/viewer should never wonder what to do next. 

Entice Them to Join Your Email List

Even the highest converting landing pages will have some people who choose not to purchase right away. There can be varying reasons why they decide not to become a buyer, and it may have nothing to do with you. Perhaps they are waiting for their next paycheck, or they want to do a little more research before committing. Don't give them a chance to forget about your offer. Provide them with something valuable in exchange for their email address. It can be an ebook, mini course, checklist, coupon code or any other lead magnet. This will give you a chance to remind them through their inbox that you still exist so that when they choose to make their final purchase, it's with your company. 

Call Them into Action

Don't be afraid to ask your audience to do something specific. You'd be surprised how effective being straightforward can be. A lot of people are put off by this, but asking for what you want is a key part of being a successful marketer. Tell them to "Click the Link Below", "Buy Now", "Give Us a Call" or "Schedule Your Appointment Today", etc. 

Focus on the Benefits

Some landing pages will have a thousand words about specs and product details before they start telling the customer how their purchase will help them. This is a big mistake. Depending on your niche or industry, your product or service descriptions may be over their head or boring to read. You should include this information for experienced buyers and SEO purposes. However, you shouldn't lead with this kind of data. Start out by explaining how their lives will become better after they buy your product or service. 

Design Matters

Today's internet browsers demand quality and expect a smooth user experience. Be sure that your landing page is easy to navigate and visually appealing. Make it easy for them to click a button and make a purchase. Show them where they need to place their email address for more information. Use appropriate visuals and don't overwhelm them with crazy graphics or too many links like outdated websites circa 1995. Use modern, clean designs and be sure that your landing page is optimized for smartphones and tablets. 

Include Testimonials 

Many people simply won't spend their hard-earned money without a little social proof. They want to see that others have enjoyed and benefited from your offer first. Ask your current customers for testimonials and place the best ones on your landing page to show that your company is worth their investment. 

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