5 Ways Service Based Business Can Increase Their Website's Sales Rate

5 Ways Service Based Business Can Increase Their Website's Sales Rate

There are a lot of marketing techniques for selling products online. However, for service based companies, there is significantly less information about increasing revenue and sales. Thankfully, there are several tactics that small businesses can implement if they want to see a surge in profits. At iBoost, we help businesses around the country attract their ideal clients by using the latest technology and techniques in internet marketing. If you own or manage a service based business and are ready to see your sales soar, consider the following tips. 


Create Subscriptions

One of the best ways to dramatically increase sales is to implement a subscription strategy. This works very well for service based companies, because customers often have a recurring need for assistance. For instance, a homeowner who hires a landscaping company for lawn maintenance, likely needs a service provided monthly. You can offer monthly, quarterly and annual subscription rates. The more they pay ahead, the greater the discount. When a client has already committed to using a company, and has paid for the services up front, they are much more likely to continue using the same company unless they suddenly become dissatisfied with the quality of work. It also creates a more stable cash flow that can carry you through more volatile seasons.

Reduce How Many Services You Offer

While this may seem counterproductive, it’s important to understand the concept of decision fatigue. Today’s busy men and women have a lot of responsibilities on their plate. They are often bombarded with over a dozen different daily choices that effect their careers and loved ones. Sometimes, when customers are overwhelmed with options, there can be an instinctive reaction to retreat. By creating simple, straight forward services and prices, you eliminate the chaos and make it easy for them to come to a fast conclusion. 

Make Your Email List a Priority

Focus on long term goals, and avoid fixating solely on the number of daily sales. It often takes three or more visits to a website before a new customer will feel comfortable enough to finalize a sale. Services usually have a much higher price point than products, which means the client must justify a larger investment. Getting your site visitors to sign up for your email list will let you nurture your relationship, and build more trust. Sending a weekly email update, with coupons and discounts can provide reminders and incentives for less decisive individuals to finally make a commitment. 

Create a Sales Funnel

Consumers have a wide variety of incomes and budgets. If you are currently only catering to a specific economic demographic, consider expanding your horizons and implementing a sales funnel. By creating a pricing tier, you can offer many different services at separate price points, so that new customers can test the waters with a less expensive service.

Provide a Portfolio and/or Customer Testimonials 

Some people hesitate to make a purchase that they haven’t seen validated. Publishing a portfolio and/or testimonials from real clients will provide the kind of social proof new customers are looking for. You don’t have to be in the fine art or web design industries to create a portfolio. All service based companies have an opportunity to showcase their best work. Plumbers can take pictures of a large root growth removal or replacement of a collapsed septic tank. Doing so will provide evidence that your repair services truly can provide tremendous benefits. 

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