4 Ways to Improve Conversation Rates for Your Product Pages


You've spent a lot of time and effort creating a well-designed eCommerce website. Maybe you've even gone the extra mile and implemented professional SEO and digital marketing services and are seeing a massive spike in new visitors as a result. However, you might be disappointed to discover that despite the increased traffic, you aren't getting the sales boost you'd hoped for. Unfortunately, this can be a common occurrence, especially for new companies or small businesses whose brands are less widely known. At iBoost, we help businesses of all sizes across the country improve their customer reach so they can grow their revenue. We want to see businesses and entrepreneurs find success with their online marketing. Which is why we enjoy sharing some of the wisdom we've gained along the way. If you've been having similar problems converting your new audience into loyal buying customers, here are a few ways you can make your product pages more enticing. 

Include an FAQ Section

Many people may be interested in your product, but might hesitate because they have questions. Maybe they're unsure how to properly use the item, or they need to know more information about ingredients or manufacturing practices. Today's consumers are more informed than they were decades ago, and they may have specific details they look for when purchasing a new product. If they can quickly find an answer to their question, without having to make a phone call or email customer support, they are much more likely to feel confident pressing the buy button. Make sure that the FAQ section or link is bold, and easy to see or they might not even know it exists. You can take this one step further and integrate live chat features as well. This will ensure that if they have a question that isn't addressed in the FAQ's, they can contact you or your sales team and get an instant response.

Publish Video Content 

Hands on individuals can sometimes have a harder time making buying decisions online. They may prefer holding an item in their hand, or observing a live demonstration before they can make a final choice. Providing a short video on the product page can provide a similar experience without meeting face to face. Creating a video will let you highlight extra features, and show your audience how they can use and benefit from using the item. You can also maximize the value of your video content by publishing on YouTube and Facebook to generate more interest in your brand without spending extra money. 

Provide Product Reviews or Testimonials for Each Product

A lot of men and women like to see social proof of a product, particularly if the item is being sold by an unfamiliar brand. Including a review section and star rating system can help make the decision to buy easier. If you sell digital products, services or are just starting out, you might simply include a few general customer testimonials on all product pages. It might only take a few quotes from happy customers to generate a higher level of comfort with your potential client. You can grow your testimonials and reviews faster by sending an after-purchase email or survey to customers automatically with their invoice. Consider creating incentives like future discounts in exchange for honest feedback. 

Provide Free Bonus Content or Discount Codes to Grow Your Email List 

No one has a 100% conversion rate. There will always be a handful of traffic that won't make a purchase the first time they land on your site. The good news is that you can still benefit from their brief visit by having them join your mailing list. Some people need to see a brand several times and become more familiar with a company before investing their cash in them. Your newsletters and email promotions can become a weekly reminder that your website is only a click away. Providing free downloadable guides or product discounts can be a great way to engage customers who aren't ready to pull out their credit cards just yet. 

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