2020 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


2020 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Have you been investing time, energy and company resources into advertising campaigns and social media posts, but are not achieving the results you expected? The dynamic, ever-changing world of online marketing can be difficult to navigate. Many business owners become frustrated and miss opportunities to reach new customers and increase their revenue. At iBoost, we provide premium SEO, web design and digital marketing services for companies of all sizes. If you have been struggling with your website, social media accounts or pay per click ads, then we are here to help. Here are a few ways you can improve your online reach in 2020. 

Upgrade Your Website 
A company can spend a small fortune on PPC ads, but if the traffic is being directed to an outdated or unattractive website, then they are wasting valuable resources. Today’s consumers have high expectations when it comes to web design. They want clean, modern web pages that are easy to navigate. If you have a static site that is difficult to read on a mobile device, then you are probably driving potential customers into the arms of your competitors. Upgrading your website or complete new website design is essential and must remain a top priority.  

Focus on SEO
A quality website requires more than aesthetic appeal. To compete in today’s competitive online marketplace, you need to be attractive to both customers and algorithms. If you want to rank high on Google’s search results page, then SEO is vital. The use of appropriate keywords, URL optimization, backlinks and regularly scheduled blog posts are just a handful of the ways that businesses can improve their chances of being seen by potential clients. 

Get the Most from Social Media 
Simply having a Facebook profile or twitter account is not enough to gain a following on social media. If you truly want to take advantage of platforms that have billions of users, then you will need to utilize important techniques to be heard through all the noise. Regular posts, creative campaigns, audience interaction and targeted advertising are excellent methods for maximizing your success.

Master Pay Per Click Advertising Campaigns 
Pay per click advertising remains an excellent way to generate interest. However, it can be very easy for a business owner or manager to lose money fast when they aren’t sure where to start. The use of enhanced audience targeting, quality keywords and analytics data are all vital components of the PPC advertising process. Developing a knowledge of the inner workings of PPC ad management can help you reach your goals. 

Hire a Professional 
Large companies have dominated the digital marketing space by hiring entire departments dedicated to each of the above-mentioned advertising techniques. Hiring social media account managers, SEO experts and content creators can cost millions of dollars, so how can a small to medium sized business compete? When you invest in a company like iBoost, you will have access to the industry’s most highly trained and experienced marketing professionals, without the need to hire teams of employees. You will receive the same high-quality care, without the additional overhead expenses. 

Do You Need Help Increasing Your Online Sales? Contact the Experts at iBoost Today 
Is it time for you to invest in professional SEO, digital marketing or web development services? There is no reason to postpone your success. Skyrocket your sales with help from the experienced specialists at iBoost. Contact our team today to find out how our experts can help you achieve the results you want in 2020 and beyond. 


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