Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Having a brick and mortar store no longer cuts it in this technological day and age. Now, e-commerce reigns king, and the best way to cash in on this diverse market, is to utilize social media. Social media marketing is not just posting your products, but is about engaging with your audience by posting relevant, shareable information that supports your business values, but also builds a connection with your buyers. Managing various profiles can be difficult, and knowing what and when to post can be overwhelming when you have a store to run. iBoost is able to step in and give your social media the time it needs, and you can sit back and reap the benefits.

What Is Social Media Marketing? 

Boy have times have changed. Remember when you had to talk to a customer before they bought? In this fast-paced world, customers can view your products and interact with your brand anytime of the day or night, without your involvement. Social media marketing is bringing in the best of social media, and your brand, and giving customers a way to relate to your products, building loyalty and brand awareness. 

Other than posting information about your business, marketing involves interacting with other companies, to create an overall identity that your customers can identify with. Many businesses will start their social media presence, but neglect it from day to day. This is telling your customers that “the lights are on, but nobody’s home”. Not something you want to portray to potential customers. Our marketing team will help you craft the perfect strategy for your business, and ensure that you are on all the right channels. 

More Is Not Better

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to name a few, business owners are faced with a slew of accounts to manage and update on a daily basis. For some brands, Facebook will be more relevant, others Twitter, and for others that are easily conveyed through pictures, Instagram and Pinterest are valuable resources. No matter which you choose, be sure that you are able to fully utilize the platform, and you remain active! 

These days, each platform has a way for you to pay for ads, with the exception of Instagram, but we will discuss that with you in detail should you prefer that platform. Facebook has Facebook Ads, Pinterest has Buyable Pins, and Twitter as TwitterCards. Your options are truly limitless. With that in mind, any platform can be a part of a successful marketing plan. 

Why does Social Media Marketing Matter?

With the help of our iBoost team, you can ensure that your profiles will remain active, even while you are away. However, the content you are able to post is what is going to make the difference in your brand. The reason why being active is vital, and why you do not want an empty profile, is social media is now being taken into account for SEO! You can greatly improve your scores by dedicating time to your profiles, or you can hire our team to make sure that you have high quality content and links to your business peppered through your target markets’ feed. 

What Our Team Can Do

Crafting the perfect content schedule for your brand can be confusing if you are new to social media marketing, but is the most important when opening up those channels of communication. Being consistent in your posting, as well as the material you post, is vital to growing your fan base, and thus, reaching more potential customers. 

Our team will look over any content you have ready, and begin to craft tailored posts to your brand. We will also search for brands that are similar to yours, and bring their audience to you. Social media marketing allows you to scope out your competitors for free, while also seeing what their target market looks like. With information at your fingertips, hire the experts to decode and customize your content, to win over more customers, and make your brand stand above the rest. 

Social media has been around for many years, and it is time to bring your brand into the here and now if you haven't already. Our teams have been implementing strategies for over a decade and are proud to be industry leaders. Contact us today and let's revamp your online presence and make your social media accounts warm and welcoming.


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