Google Guaranteed Ads

Google Guaranteed Ads

iBoost Technology for Google ads 

iBoost technology provides the feature of Google ads for the safety purpose. We help Home Service Businesses to complete all verification including background check for all their employees, submitting insurance and Business license to Google, creating Google Guaranteed Profile to get the businesses approved by Google Home Services quicker. Google charges by call leads instead of pay per click for Home Services, if your business found eligible for Google Guaranteed Ads program. We charge 15% of their monthly spend to manage and get them approved.

Google Guaranteed Ads

Google has launched a Google Guarantee program targeted towards local businesses in the Home Services segment. This affects local businesses that offer services where they need to enter the customer’s home to render the service offering. Examples of such businesses being, plumbers, locksmiths, handymen, etc.

While this program is currently in beta and applicable only to a few cities, It’s important to be aware about how this program works since it’s something that could roll out to more verticals and locations in the future. The impact it would have on local businesses would be phenomenal. This Google Guarantee program for Home Service Businesses is still being tested out at this stage and from the signs of it so far, it seems like they’re currently looking to expand to other locations. 

Google Home Services Ads.

Google’s home services ads are finally showing on mobile. The iBoost technology enable you to check you google ads on your mobile screen. The ads for local service providers such as locksmiths, plumbers, handymen and, more recently, HVAC services and electricians, had been briefly spotted on mobile, but they now appear to be prevalent across the all markets where the program is active.

Benefits of iBoost Technology

  • Get seen right at the top of Google through Google Ads.
  • Connect with customers, right when they’re searching for your specific services and most likely to book.
  • Simple tools, tailored for you, so you can you get started, personalize your profile, and communicate on the fly with an easy-to-use app.
  • Build trust with the Google guarantee.
  • Only pay for leads related to your business and the services you offer.
  • Customers choose you: You only hear from customers who have specifically selected your profile out of all the rest.

Google's New Home Service Ads and Google Guaranteed In Us

If you want to search for a plumber and select a professional with a Google guaranteed badge with the help of iBoost platform. Use his service and hopefully he will solve the plumbing issues in your home. What's new? Like PayPal Protection for buyers, Google guarantee could pay your bill for unsatisfactory experience. 

If you are unsatisfied by locksmith and plumbing jobs, you can submit a claim to Google. Google says "If you are dissatisfied with work quality, we’ll cover claims up to the job invoice amount, with a lifetime cap of $2,000."

iBoost is helping founders to find real customers and deliver real value through its advanced technology. We are here to entertain you with our unique service. We have 24/7 customer services. We valued our customers at first priority. For more details visit us online. 

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