Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords Management

Google AdWords is one of those marketing tools that when used properly can take your business from the realm of the unknown, into the public sector overnight. However, it is also the downfall of many companies who have gone under in their first weeks because of poorly configured campaigns. Before you spend a single penny on your campaign, consider hiring a PPC expert to help set up and maintain your campaign. 

iBoost Web requires minimum $2000 monthly budget and charges 15% of your monthly spend as PPC management service fee.

What is AdWords? 

Google Adwords (or just Adwords) is a service offered by Google for businesses that would like to display ads to Google users. While it may sound easy, Google doesn’t just throw your ad anywhere; instead, your ad must match certain keywords in order to perform better than others. Because of this, Google Adwords is heavily based on your keywords, and how much you are willing to invest. 

The Adwords program allows users to set up a budget for a campaign, and you pay per click. If you have very popular keywords, they may cost more depending on where you would like to rank. At iBoost, we have perfected the bidding technique to ensure you pay the lowest possible price while still ranking on the first page, where it matters. 

What Will My PPC Ads Look Like?

What your ads look like will vary depending on your campaign. Some will have links; others will just be text to a landing page. No matter what you choose, your ad will have a “Sponsored Link” heading. Most customers will pay no mind to this, but it is a way for you to identify which of your ads are appearing based on the keywords you have for the campaign. Our Google experts have been working with Adwords since it debuted, and know how it works, and the best ways to create impactful, compelling ads that your customers will instinctively click on. 

How Do I Know What Keywords To Use For Pay Per Click?

When it comes to using Google Adwords, choosing the right keywords is where most businesses will falter. Our experts will help you hone in on particular “exact match” keywords, which will be your niche keywords. We also will help you find the “board match” and “negative match” keywords for your business. Adwords can be tricky to navigate alone, and much of the text on the market assumes you are a marketing guru. If you are just walking into Adwords, it can be a scary place. Our team is ready to help you through the entire process and ensure that you are confident in using Adwords, and put your best foot forward. Before you spend your life savings on Adwords, hire your USA based experts to refine your keywords, and simplify your bidding. Customers who switched from other companies, or from managing Adwords themselves, have saved over 50% of what they were spending!

How Does Adwords Help My Marketing?

Have you tried advertising in your local newspaper? Commercials? How well did those work for your business? For some businesses, these are prime channels for reaching your customers, however, for many, our audience is in front of a computer or smartphone. In these cases, you are missing your market entirely. With the help of our  USA based Google Certified Agents, you can ensure you are getting your ad in front of the right market at the right time. Google Adwords is the best way to get your business noticed and generate a return on your investment faster than any other channel. 

Where Does iBoost Come into Play? 

iBoost is a trusted Google Certified company. That means we understand and are able to apply our knowledge to your business Adword campaign. We have worked with over 2,000 companies, and each time, we save our customers money with cutting edge bidding techniques, that consistently rank them on the first page, without breaking the bank. Many of our clients have saved over 50% after they brought on team onboard. We aim to please and always exceed your expectations. Each of our agents are highly trained and can answer any questions you have. We are here to ensure that you get the best return on your investment and make using Adwords a pleasurable experience. 

Beyond optimizing your campaign with better, focused keywords, or maybe your campaign needed to be generalized more, after a full report, we will teach you exactly how to manage your Adwords campaign. If you have a question about your Adwords campaign, you can call us at any time. Because we are based in the United States and never outsource, you can easily get the help you need, without the automated “troubleshooting” competitors offer. Get the help you need, when you want it. 

We are committed to the highest quality of customer service and are ready to answer any questions you may have. No matter if you are just starting your online marketing, you have an existing campaign that stalled, or you are looking to get better results from your current campaign, iBoost is a leading Google expert. Switching to our services could be the break your business, and wallet has been waiting for. Contact us today to receive an obligation free consultation.  


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