Content Writing

Content Writing

Yikes! You paid your designer to create your website, but you have nothing to put on the pages. Fear not, this is something our team at iBoost have overcome and provided polished, tailored content that will enhance your brand. We are proud to offer this service to you at an affordable rate with competitive turnaround times. 

Why Do I Need Content?

Sure, you can write your own content, and in fact, we will ask for a bit of work from you so that we can ensure our work is perfectly tailored to you. For many owners, writing about your business is like pulling teeth. You know everything you want to say, you can speak for hours on end about your dreams for the business, but typing it out, forget it! Our agents understand that problem all too well, and are ready to work with you to craft the perfect About Us page, Homepage, Product page, and more. 

Our talented writers will work with you to create search engine friendly content that is engaging, relatable, and most importantly, gives your brand a professional appearance. First impressions matter, so having professionally written content is key to turning visitors into customers. 

Another aspect that many business owners do not know is that websites must be updated at least once a month. As Google crawls the web, they will update their database with the newest information. This means that if you have not posted a significant update, you may have your ranking lowered. However, during this update, you have the opportunity to jump ranks. By bringing on our team, we can quickly create content that is SEO friendly, keyword rich, and fresh for your audience. 

Going to a website and reading a new blog, or finding a new page is exciting. Keep your audience engaged, and make sure they are always checking in to see what is new. 

What Is Defined As Content?

A business has many needs, and writing is involved with all of them. From writing content for your social media, blogs, or redoing the content on your pages, “content” is a diverse term. Because each project is different, we encourage you to contact us to ensure that we can meet your needs, and allow us to send you samples of our previous work. 

If you require product descriptions, pictures of the product or concept would be ideal. However, if you are able to explain the item in well enough detail, our writers can paint a mental image to your readers. 

What Kind Of Information Do You Need?

Your business is unique, there is not another one exactly like it. Your passions for founding it. Your dreams. Your goals and values. These are all different, and that is what makes our job so much more challenging, but very fun. To get the information we need, we will have a phone call or email back and forth asking those simple questions. 

If you have any material you would like your content modeled after, especially when writing blog content, it would be especially helpful if you could include it so our writers can quickly identify the tone in which you need your article. 

What If I Need Ongoing Work?

Content needs to be constantly renewed in order to stay relevant with Google. You should be posting something new once a month, often times more is required for more competitive markets. At iBoost we are able to handle even the heaviest load, and will break down your content strategy and give you an idea of what kind of content needs to be created, and when it should be posted. 

Never let your website go bare, and always keep to a consistent posting schedule on both your social media and blog. With our help, you never need to spend ours creating content, posting it, updating your website, and researching blog topics. Our professional, talented writers are ready to help you improve your online presence through fantastic content. Trust the experts. 


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